Friday, September 23, 2011


The tag line of Organix hair care products is "Beauty Pure and Simple". Well, finding out if we can use it? Not so simple.

Researching this company was a bit of a headache. Sulfate free? Yes. Animal free? Well, sometimes. The FAQ's on this site are a bit annoying and confusing. So I went to the Facebook page to ask them directly, ARE THERE ANY ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS????? This is the response I received:

Yes, some of our shampoos and conditioners do contain animal by-products such as keratin derived from sheep wool and whipped egg white proteins. Our products also contain silk amino acids, but the silk is extracted naturally. This is a very tedious process of unwinding the cocoon by hand. For an animal free product I would recommend the hydrating teatree mint, renewing Moroccan argan oil, Brazilian keratin therapy or the rejuvenating cherry blossom ginseng shampoos and conditioners, but please keep in mind that while they are animal by-product free, they still contain the silk and then that would be a matter of your personal preference. In addition, please be assured that none of our products, nor its' ingredients are tested on animals. We are very proud of that fact and will not change.
Well, what does this mean???? I'll break it down for you. If you are looking for a completely vegan product, this isn't the brand for you. If you are looking for a HALAL product, go ahead and buy it! Since there is no whey, gelatin or anything derived from a pig, you can use it. I will classify this product as VEGETARIAN. This is my personal recommendation.
Organix makes countless shampoos, conditioners and stylers, which I have seen in many mainstream drugstores. I will review the ones I have tried next. There are also body products available, but I have not come across them. I definitely want to try them.

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