Friday, October 30, 2009

Victoria's Secret Pink Energizing Sugar Scrub

Remember when I told you that the entire Victoria's Secret Pink line of beauty and bath products was totally vegan? (If not, check the archives) Well, when I was on line in the store for a free product, I felt weird and decided I should actually BUY something. This product just so happened to be exactly next to me, and at $10, I didn't mind picking it up to try.

From the Victoria's Secret website:

You need an invigorating wake-up call for your tired, lackluster skin. Our energizing body scrub is the answer. It uses gentle exfoliants, including natural sugar crystals, to slough away rough, dry patches. Packed with U.S.-sourced Citrus, Organic Mint, plus a boost of caffeine from Organic Coffee Beans to refresh, energize and tone. Rub all over and rinse off to reveal smooth, radiant looking skin from tip to toes

I have to say, ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES FROM VICTORIA'S SECRET EVER!!!!! I cannot rave ENOUGH about this product! It smells beautiful, and it gets the job done! The sweet citrus and mint scent is invigorating without being overpowering. It is the perfect pick me up after a long, and DRY winter day. It really does what it says it does. Very rarely do I find a product that I love THIS much, but I do! I think the coffee crystals help the circulation of blood, so you get a nice and even glow. I used it that night, and I even used it on my face! (Not recommended if you have sensitive skin!!) It is also a great pre-shave exfoliant. I don't know about you, but this winter weather gets my legs SUPER dry. This cures that in an instant!


  1. I'm going to buy it the next time I am in VS.

  2. I totally recommend this! It smells so yummy and I just ran out! I want to buy more!