Friday, October 30, 2009

No to Vegetables? How about Yes To Carrots???

I have seen the "Yes To Carrots" products in Rite Aid. Little did I know that they were vegan, with the exception of a few products that contain honey and beeswax. I haven't tried the products, but I am now intrigued. I don't eat carrots, but why not use it on my face???

They actually have 3 different lines, made specifically for your skin type.

Yes To Carrots is for Normal to Dry Skin
Yes To Tomatoes is for Oily to Combination Skin
Yes To Cucumbers is for Normal to Sensitive Skin

They make Face Care, Body Care, Hand Care, Hair Care and Lip Care products. I have to say, it's nice to see so many options with this specific company.


  1. That's interesting. What's in bee wax that's haram?

  2. Actually Naseem, beeswax is a halal ingredient. But vegans don't believe in using ANY animal byproduct. Therefore, they wouldn't want to use beeswax or honey, since it's a byproduct of bees.