Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapstick 100% Naturals Lip Butter Review

Hello all! I know it's been a long time! I hope you are all happy and healthy!

I want to write about Chapstick 100% Naturals. If you recall my "Luscious Lips" post, you'll remember that I wrote about many different lip balms that are animal free. Well, I finally picked up Chapstick 100% Naturals Lip Butter.

It's a great lip balm, it doesn't sting (much like Blistex does) and it doesn't really have a smell. It contains 5 natural butters, including Shea, Avacado and Raspberry, but it isn't greasy. It's nice enough to wear before you go to bed, and it lasts for quite sometime. My lips feel nice and smooth. I definitely recommend it to someone who just needs a little bit of moisturizing.

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