Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jergens Naturals

I was emailed by the Kao Corporation, which owns Jergens. They assured me that the Jergens Naturals line is completely free of ANY animal by-products. They offer the following:

Jergen's Naturals HYDRATE Daily Moisturizer
Jergen's Naturals RENEW Daily Moisturizer
Jergen's Naturals REFRESH Daily Moisturizer
Jergen's Naturals SOOTHE Daily Moisturizer

I am so happy to see a national brand use natural products. I'm honestly getting sick of reading labels to make sure there are no animal by-products.

I needed a new lotion to replace the old *haraam* lotion. I guess Jergens is the way to go!



  1. good news, hard to find good halal lotion, do you like this brand? i never used

  2. Do you know if the natural glow line is vegan too?

  3. No animal by-products? What about ingredient and end-product animal testing?

    1. Phillip, this blog is devoted to products that do not have animal by-products.