Friday, March 27, 2009

E.L.F Duo Eye Shadow Cream

I like these eyeshadows. They're creamy, and I don't have to worry about fallout! I somehow always end up with eyeshadow on my cheeks and whatnot, so this is a nice change. I got Mocha Swirl (pictured), Olive, and Butter Pecan. My favourite is the Olive, just because it looks fancier.

They only problem is, you shouldn't really use a brush to apply these. I used an eyeliner brush, thinking it was stiff, and it would allow me more control, but it didn't really work well. I ended up seeing creases in the eyeshadow. Using your finger to apply should be fine. Also, if you want to layer the eyeshadow, dust a translucent powder over it.

At $1 a piece, it's not a bad product. It's not something I'm head over heels about, but I think I need to practice some more first :)

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