Friday, March 13, 2009

Avon Review

Ok, so I received my Avon products last week. (I should really return the stuff I don't want, lol). I promised a review, so here it goes:

I LOVE the Clearskin Cleansing Pads. They are amazing! I had a terrible breakout right after my daughter's 1st birthday, and it was really horrifying. No, seriously, I don't breakout like that.

Anyway, I got these cleansing pads, and they work like a dream! I would suggest they only be used for serious breakouts though, because they can be very drying. They work well on sucking up excess oil.

My breakout cleared up significantly, and that was with me using one pad twice a day. At $2.99, I would say that it's a real bargain compared to other name brand acne cleansing pads.

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  1. Quick and maybe stupid question. Do you need to order Avon through an "Avon lady"? If so, can you post contact info of her? If not, maybe you can just order me these cleansing pads. Lord knows, I can use them. Let me know. Thanks.