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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yes to Carrots Body Butter

I just realized, I've been carrying this vegan product in my bag for MONTHS and I haven't blogged about it.

I was in Target, when I came across the travel sized beauty products. I'm always looking for fun stuff to put in my bag, so imagine my surprise when I saw the Yes to Carrots Body Butter in a miniature form! For a $1! Well, you probably remember that I did a post on Yes to Carrots products a while back. I thought to myself, "Hey this would be a great review for the blog!". It might be 6 months later, but you guys know I still love ya!

This body butter is FANTASTIC. Rich, thick and creamy, but NOT GREASY. Every body butter I have come across has seemed so greasy and oily. The Yes to Carrots Body Butter is absolutely not those things. I used it on my hands religiously and my 2 year old daughter got accustomed to asking me for it as well! It smells very nice and at $8.70 for 11.83 oz., you can't get a better deal.

I highly recommend this body butter for dry hands and feet. I will be definitely buying more once the winter rolls around and everyone starts to look ashy!

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