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Friday, April 24, 2009

Does anyone really care?

I am feeling a bit frustrated. I started this blog as a means to help people. Unfortunately, people just don't seem to be interested. I have seen other websites with quite a following, and I just don't understand what this blog is lacking. No followers, no comments. This is tedious research that I do, but I don't feel like doing it if no one cares. I'm taking a break for a while. I'm going to think about whether or not I want to continue on with this blog. At this moment in time, it's on the verge of being deleted.

Beauty Junkie


  1. Thank you for recommending your blog to me. I think it's a great idea and I will surely send folks your way!

    Don't quit now, sometimes it takes a little bit but all good things are worth working and waiting for :)


  2. How did you publicize your blog?

    did you send to your friends?

  3. Yes I have emailed and facebooked and twittered everyone I know. I guess there might not be an interest in this topic

  4. Don't quit now. There is interest in this. Did you know that only about 6% of pepole who read logs actually comment.

  5. Don't give up sister!
    I just found your blog today and alhamdulillah, I was unaware of how haram half of my makeup bag is!
    Your blog is a guide for me, don't give up now! :)

  6. Nice blog! It's really informative. Mrs. H also known as M :) thought we should take a look and I am glad I did.

    Since you are on a roll here with the investigations on these products how about checking out M.A.C. for me? I've been using it for years but it would be nice to know that it is a halal product.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. advertise it more, make people comment more. dont make them use ur resurch and do nothin

  8. I just found this blog and it's super useful. I've recently just went vegan and finding all this info is super stressful, we appreciate your hard work!

  9. Jazak Allah Khairan sister...your blog is very useful, please keep updating and keep up the good work...Assalamu Alikum warahmathullai wabarakathu.

  10. Jazakallah khair sister! Your reward is with Allah <3 This blog was really helpful